Ten things about me…

1. I can say the alphabet backwards really fast.

2. My previous career was in publishing, where I once received a personal email from Philip Pullman. That was a pretty cool day at the office.

3. I love space, books, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, growing my own vegetables, knitting and South Indian food.

4. I use Quiet Spray on my kids when they are being rambunctious. They love it. (Although last year I did have a parent ask, at parents’ evening, “Is it true that you… spray the children when they are naughty?” I swiftly set them straight…) Featured image

Fabulous Quiet Spray printables available from The Lemonade Stand

5. I hotly believe in a healthy work-life balance, but haven’t yet achieved it! I’m hoping that this blog will help other teachers with their work-life balance.

6. Although I love teaching, my dream job is to be a writer. I’m currently writing a children’s book about time travel.

7. I’m great with vomiting kids but useless with bleeding ones. I’m an infamous fainter.

8. I was once Secret Teacher for The Guardian. And yes, you’ll have to guess which one, because I’m not telling…

9. I’m a teacher, but I don’t drink caffeine.

10. I used to have electric blue hair.